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Tourism in Chhota Udaipur

The princely state of eastern Gujarat has a lot of options for tourist who are on a visit to the city. It is a historical place and one can visit various palaces and ancient buildings in and around the city. Apart from palaces tourists can visit the various temples here.

Tourist Places in Chhota Udaipur

Here are some of the places that can be visited by the tourists when they are on a tour to the city of Chhota Udaipur:

Hotel Kusum Vilas Palace

Kusum Vilas Palace is a beautiful heritage hotel that is located conveniently in the city of Chhota Udaipur which is situated in Vadodara district of Gujarat. Though considered as a tourist attraction itself, the hotel is a great place to stay and is often chosen by travelers who are on a visit to the city for business or pleasure. The hotel is well connected to other parts of the state via good net work of roads and railways. One can even choose to travel via flight till Vadodara from where private cabs can be arranged or the hotel can also arrange for pick up facility from the airport or railway station.

History of the Hotel Kusum Vilas Palace

Hotels in Chhota Udaipur

This hotel which was built as early as 1920s and boasts of great architecture with porticoes, courtyards and outhouse. The architecture was done by the famous architectures of Mumbai “Bhatkar and Bhatkar ltd”. More than 30 acres of open grounds around the hotel make it all the more pleasant for the visitors who stay in the hotel. They can engage in various activities while staying the hotel. A morning walk or evening walk amongst natural surrounding is bound to freshen you up. Both the exterior and interiors of the hotel have been done beautiful to leave you awestruck by its beauty.

The interiors have been decorated tastefully with exotic French furniture’s and several other European and India luxuries. The chandeliers, grand dining, billboard rooms, drawing rooms along with various other added facilities ensure comfortable stay. One of the most attractive features which attract many tourists to this hotel is low tariff rates when compared to other hotels providing similar services and facilities.  Kusum Vilas Palace is a great option to choose if you are looking for a place to stay that is grand yet would not burn your pocket too much.

Accommodation in Hotel Kusum Vilas Palace

Hotels in Chhota Udaipur

The rooms of the hotels are vast and the management promises quality accommodation. The 12 rooms in this hotel is a perfect blend of comfort and luxury embedded with various modern amenities and chic decor. All these ensure wonderful stay of the guests in this hotel.

Dining in Hotel Kusum Vilas Palace

Along with accommodation, the hotel provides a lovely dining experience. The chefs appointed here are trained in rustling up mouth watering dishes to satisfy your taste buds. Not only the food, the lively ambiance in dining hall is ideal for enjoying your meals at any time of the day or night.

Facilities Provided in Hotel Kusum Vilas Palace

The hotel has been build to provide a great experience to its guests. The facilities provided in the hotel for comfortable living are running hot and cold water, currency exchange, doctor on call, television in all the rooms, swimming pool, 24 hours room service, restaurant facility serving world class cuisine for a fine dining experience, purified water, fax, laundry facility, parking facility and much more.

The hotel tries to provide as much facility as possible in order to give the visitors an experience of home away from home. The hotel can also arrange for local sightseeing for the visitors. There are several places to see in and around Chhota Udaipur and the visitors are going to have a great time looking at the several tourist attractions.

For further information you can contact the below address:

Tourist Information Bureau
Address: Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd
Collector Office Premise
Dist. Banaskantha
Mb: +91 9727723957
Website: http://gujarattourism.com.
E-Mail: ps2md-tcgl@gujarat.gov.in, ps2jtmd-tcgl@gujarat.gov.in.

Kali Niketan in Chhota Udaipur

Palaces in Chhota Udaipur

Since, the rulers who ruled Chhota Udaipur were fond of different forms of art and architecture, they had constructed various palaces, one of them being Kali Niketan. Kali Niketan was formerly known by the name Nahar Villa. However, it was later on changed to Kali Niketan meaning, home of Goddess Kali, who was the family Goddess of the royals. It was constructed in the late 19th century by Maharaja Fathesinhji who was the grandfather of Maharaj Sajjansinh, the present owner of the palace. It was considered as Maharaja Fathesinhji summer residence. The palace has 2 drawing rooms, 6 AC rooms, 2 lounge, 2 dining rooms and 5 terraces.

The palace has been constructed on a total area of 60 acres with fountains in the back side as well as front side of the palace. One can find mango orchard amongst various other trees in the compound as well. The palace caters to small group of guests at a time. The guests are given warm welcome and royal treatment. The meals served here are prepared by the family cooks of the royals. The various options available ranges from Mughlai, continental and authentic Gujarati food. The bookings to get the experience of royal lifestyle can be done with the present owners Maharaj Sajjansinh, Rani Devendra Kumari and their son Rajkumar UdayrajSinh. The tariffs charged are quite reasonable and includes meals for all three times.

Prem Bhavan Palace in Chhota Udaipur

Palaces in Chhota Udaipur

This palace which boasts of equally grand architecture as that of Kusum Vilas Palace and Kali Niketan, is located in the same compound as Kusum Vilas Palace. The palace has also been converted into a heritage hotel and provides excellent packaged tour including accommodation, food and sightseeing options to nearby attractions if you would like to go for one. It is built on an area of 18 acres with all the various facilities.

Jain Derasar in Chhota Udaipur

It is a famous monument in Gujarat. Here, themes which are done using plasterwork and wooden sculptures can be seen in plenty. Tourist from all over can be seen visiting the monument for admiring the Victorian style art which can be seen all over the monument.

Kali Temple in Chhota Udaipur

The Kali temple which was build many years ago for paying a tribute to Goddess Kali is a place that is visited by one and all to offer prayers and seek blessings of the goddess. The royal family of Chhota Udaipur also pay tribute to the goddess and is worshipped by all the family members with great devotion

Pithora Paintings by Rathwas of Chhota Udaipur

Pithora Paintings by RathwasApart from the above places one can also visit the tribal areas that Chhota Udaipur is famous for.  The main tribes that can be found here are Bhils, Rathwas, Naiks and Kolis.  Amongst the tribes above, Rathwas are a majority. The Rathwas are famous for art form popularly known as Pithora Paintings. These paintings are done using vegetables dies specially made for this purpose. These painting are extremely unique and done only here.

Most of the tourists come here to learn the art of doing such paintings from the tribal and also to witness the whole process. The work of the tribal can be seen in the tribal fairs held every day. However, more variety can be seen in the "HAAT" that is held on Saturdays in Chhota Udaipur and on Mondays at a place which is 22 Km away, known by the name Kawant. Witnessing the villager’s life and the paintings that they create can give you an idea about the rich culture and heritage of Chhota Udaipur.

Most of the tourist places are easily accessible. Tour operators can also be contacted to take care of the whole tour package. They are the best person to guide you to important location and explain you the significance of the various things that you would be witnessing while touring Chhota Udaipur. The city can easily be reached using the services of bus, trains or flights. The major railway station and airport is in Vadodara. From where any cabs or buses or local trains can be availed to reach this city. Hence, plane your next vaction to this beautiful place of Chhota Udaipur for a great time and royal experience.

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